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    Title Block Labels

    I just been creating a title block and have done lines and text, added logo.
    but when I come labels some act differently.
    when I insert title block into a project some labels are ok, they there to edit so you can add what information you require. but some just have a ?.
    I looked at each label I have added they all look same but same.
    I getting ? on Drawing Title and on Drawing Purpose and revision?
    any ideas where I going wrong.
    I have filled in Project Information and all views I have added are titled.

    Titleblocks will pull parameters from either the Project Information or the Sheets categories.

    Have you added the same shared parameters for these labels (Drawing Title and Drawing Purpose and Revision) to your project parameters Sheets for this? Drawing Title - I'm presuming this is something different from the Sheet Name, otherwise this seems redundant.


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