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    Render Materials

    Where do you get your render materials (i.e. tilable raster images) from? Looking for a few good resources for common building materials not already found "in the box". Are there any websites you use to get materials from?

    We have 3DS Max Design, but dont use it much. Are there additional materials we can grab from there?

    FWIW I find that the best materials for rendering are the ones I've made from images of materials local to my part of the World, but some of the sites which offer useful general materials are listed in this thread:

    and there are links within other threads in the rendering forum.
    William Sutherland rias riba
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      A nice pro tip for rendering materials: Keep track of the time of day when you take pictures for materials, and match that time for your renderings.

      You can google: "photoshop/gimp seamless tile tutorial" to find ways to create tiling materials from your own pictures.

      Best of luck!
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        Thanks William. I had done a search but did not see that post.


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