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Sloped G;azing Material

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    Sloped G;azing Material

    Alright...I give up! I've searched all over but I can't find out how to do this.

    How can I change the material for sloped glazing? Sloped glazing is a system family. The properties give me the option of changing the curtain panel, but I can't find a material for this that I can change.

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    Instead of selecting the curtain wall family, hover over the wall and hit tab until you highlight the curtain panel and then select the panel. Then you can change the material in the type properties of the panel. Or, you can access the type properties of the system panel in the family browser.


      Your problem lies in the fact that you are trying to change the wrong thing. A sloped glazing in itself has no materials. It's simply a composition of panels. Only the panels heve materials (the same with Curtain Walls). So what you have to do is change the material off the panel, as muttlieb described. If you just want to change one or two panels, create a new type first, and assign this to the panels you want to change.
      To create a new panel type, you search the panel in the Project Browser under Families. Expand it, select the current panel type and right click. Choose the Create new type / Duplicate option and make a new type. Again right click, Type Properties and assign a new material.

      Good luck.
      Martijn de Riet
      Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
      MdR Advies
      Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


        I got it...thanks for your help.


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