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Funky Wall to Roof Join

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    Funky Wall to Roof Join

    I have a situation where the wall to roof join is different...the two walls shown are identical wall types, both have been attached to the roof yet the top condition is different. One join is correct while the other join shows the wall core going to the top of the roof assembly. I cannot figure why it is doing this and have not been able to re-create it in a new project. I have discovered that this has happened in almost every wall to roof join in this particular project so the option of deleting and re-creating the walls isn't thrilling me. Anybody run across this?

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    Never mind, I figured it out.


      Just out of curiosity, are either of the walls also Attached either at the top or bottom? It also looks like the wall on the right is sitting on a sloped beam?

      Could be that "Attach" and "Join" are both being used, or not---creating the improper cleanup.

      Just a thought.
      Cliff B. Collins
      Registered Architect
      The Lamar Johnson Collaborative Architects, St. Louis, MO
      Autodesk Expert Elite


        Cliff, it turns out the issue isn't the walls, it was the roof. The roof was created without any actual structure...someone had set the function of the metal decking as substrate. When I changed the metal decking to be structure it all cleaned up. The one wall that was showing up clean already had a modified profile, if not for that it would have shown up funky, too.


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