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[All Verticals] - Global Filter Aplication

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    [All Verticals] - Global Filter Aplication

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Right now you have to setup what the filter is selecting and you then apply it to all applicable view temples and then apply the settings for changes in each view template.

    I would like the filter menu to look a little bit like the viability graphics menu. You create the filter and what it is selecting and then apply all desired overrides. Then on each filter there is a view list. This would look like the “Selected views/sheets” menu in the print dialog. Check boxes at the bottom to show views and / or view templates. You then check a box for all of the views / view templates you want this filter to be applied to.

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    When applying filter in a large project it can take 30 minutes to add the filter to each view template and change the settings in each one. My way you only have to do this once rather than 50 times and it would only take 1-3 minutes.

    Create filter and what it selects > add to view template > Set overrides > repeat last two steps for every view template which needs the change.

    Over the last two weeks I have spent about 6 hours adding new filters to our project. As it progresses and becomes more complected more filters are needed to hide different types of sections elevation tags or certain types of families.

    If you want $$ savings multiply your time by 6.

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    Great idea, I would certainly put this one to use! I was thinking about this one a few weeks ago when setting up our MEP templates. So time consuming to add filters over and over to all sheets, then you'll burn time organizing the items in that list since autodesk can't be bothered to add sort buttons to the headings at the top of the panel.
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      Sounds like a good idea for an API or Dynamo addin
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        Originally posted by elton williams View Post
        Sounds like a good idea for an API or Dynamo addin
        And whilst we all trot off to develop our own tools (now theres a time-burn multiplication to consider!) perhaps Autodesk might also think to look into:

        Branch extension to the "apply to column" so as not be exclusively category based, for instance to reach down - as well as across - into/at sub-categories, (OOTB & custom), families, types, etc. Equally, to be able to "look up", i.e. start at <Fire Rating>="0" the parameter and return the resultant elements,types,families,categories that way.

        Enable custom-defined "grouping" of both filters (i.e. "FIRE") to ensure all applicable are applied at once - and likewise for the categories/extended-branch to which a filter should be applied (i.e. "STR") to avoid constantly moving up and down the list to select the same items?

        Add standard query database operators to the filter condition builder, specifically, but not exclusively "OR".

        Employ date-mining of parameter strings, conditions and their values to automate filter-creation, (much like how ColorByNumber by BIMray addin. used to do, and what BIMOne's ColorSplasher can do now) but also by saved-and-redefinable-defintions.

        Simplify how we define overrides in the VG dialog (or elsewhere, globally, like - but without the trappings of, MEP system overrides) by allowing multiple row selection (as we can in the model tab) and the option of colouring banding/blocking/scales - in fact, not unlike how we can already do with the room & area color scheme dialog box. (now there's a thought!)

        ScubaMan, the only issue I have with your suggestion, as I understand it, is that a specific appearance override would be effectively tied to a filter - where at present I use many different override configurations across many views applied to the same filter to enable a number of visual outcomes, i.e. My filter "Not in Contract" can be used to hide items completely in one view, halftone in another, or hot screaming pink in a third.

        That is not to say I do not wholly support your motion for a overhaul to the way filters are handled natively by Revit. As you can probably tell I love and loathe them in equal measure.
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          Originally posted by snowyweston View Post

          or hot screaming pink in a third.
          I guess you would have to make a filter for each of the different types. Maybe it could have a dependent fiction so the filtering logic stays the same and then you can add override options to it. This way you would have the logic once and then as many overrides as needed (Each override with a view selection menu) to make only the desired views with hot screaming pink elements.

          Great other points as well.


            I agree with both Scuba and Snowy. I want to reuse the filters, but If I want to change the color of something in several similar views I want to do it once. Perhaps we could create "schemes" (similar to area/rooms) that contain one or more filters and their settings? That way I could apply "Filter scheme 1" to templates A, B & D and that scheme contains 5 filters changing colors to blue. Templates C & E might have "filter scheme 2" which is identical but has the filters changing to red. A check-box on the scheme could lock or unlock the settings from change in individual templates (or views).

            It would be nice to be able to allow only some filters to be controlled by the template, so I could add general visibility of item filters to all views with a template, but also add view specific ones.

            I think the management of filters would be facilitated by having a non-view location to manage them (another button near materials would be logical). That screen could have one tab to manage the filters and another to manage the filter schemes.
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              You can achieve all this by applying one view template and then another. But I agree with jmk, area-like schemes would be a great function.

              Originally posted by snowyweston View Post
              And whilst we all trot off to develop our own tools (now theres a time-burn multiplication to consider!) perhaps Autodesk might also think to look into...
              If you have time to wait for autodesk to pull their finger out then you have a lot more time than me! :laugh:
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