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Repeated Window Schedules

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    Repeated Window Schedules

    Brilliant People of Revit,
    Can I create a window schedule with the proper fields and filters, etc. that I can use repeatedly.
    I would like to have the same schedule fields show up as a "template".
    Is this possible? or this a question only a Rookie would ask?
    Any help would be appreciated.


    Short answer, yep. Although I STILL haven't created a template yet. But you can definately put schedules in your templates. You can even put them on sheets already in the template so you don't have to set up the same sheet for every project.

    Actually, check out THIS awesome thread. Everything you ever wanted to know about building a template and more.
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      Originally posted by wcbii View Post
      Brilliant People of Revit,
      That's always a good way to start... Welcome to the forum!
      You need to start building a template. That's a file in which you save all your settings, schedules, legends, and-so-on in. If you have a template, open it along the project file. In the Project Browser (view list), select the Schedule you wish to copy, rightclick and use Copy to Clipboard. Go to the Template File, open up a drawing view (Floor Plan, Elevation, anything) and press Cntl-V or use the Paste-command.
      If you don't have a template yet, see this thread...
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