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    Change Pipe segment

    I have big problems with piping,elbow.jpg

    So as you can see pipe segment is bigger than my elbow. I am not sure is it problem with elbow family or system pipe segment. Is it possible to import pipe segment in routing preferences(load family) ? Also how to change material on pipe segment...
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    Looks like the OD of the pipe and the fitting are not matching. You'll have to investigate which is in error, if not both. To fix the Pipe, it's a simple parameter in MEP Settings. To fix the fitting, you'll have to look at the way it's calculating the size, which probably is from a Lookup Table.
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      I think it is familly problem. I download this from geberit bimobjects, but it looks like crap. Do you have any sugestion for downloading pipes? and is it posible to change pipe segment (import) not modify and duplicate sistem segments?


        I switched pipes and took system fittings, but some custom fitting send me to investigate error, and you where right ! Outside diametar OD is bigger that nominal? Have no idea why is this? Even inside diametar is bigger than nominal on all pipes and that is system configuration? So I need to switch everything, also when I change all routing preferences is there a way to automaticly change everything on model, or I need to do it manualy again?


          I had similar problem with pipe sizing on some downloaded Victaulic connections a little while back. My problem was that the family was too precise and called for a 201.5mm pipe rather than a nice nominal 200mm, so I altered the family and lookup table and that resolved the issue.

          Tannar has got it right. Check your family first, if it's already returning a standard nominal pipe size for the connectors then you'll need to add a size to your pipes.

          In response to your second question regarding importing a pipe segment. The closest I've ever had to importing is printing out a spreadsheet provided by a manufacturer and inputting the sizes into a new segment. The only way to import pipes that I know of is in a project file, and that's just crap for all sorts of reasons.

          And your third question, the only way I know of to change a segment material is to create a new segment. It's a massive pain in the arse after finishing a pipework project only to be told I need to 'change' the material.


            It is pretty normal to have OD's and ID's larger than ND's. The nominal diameter is in my mind just for reference and determines the connector size of pipe segments. What is important is that the nominal diameter of the pipe segment matches the connector size of the family.

            Good luck, let us know how you go.


              I am now totaly confused... First this is my first piping project in revit, till now I was doing it in autocad, had blocks and I was golden But revit is 10 times beter when you know what are you doing. I am doing everything in metric system, everything is calculated in Revit, but again that brings big problems because all piping in the world is done in imperial system (proboably because american oil domination). on Autodesk site I found that nominal is biger than ID and smaller than OD. But in Revit it is different... Also as you can see this custom fittings have formulas and I cant find problem because they have different names. I can't find solution to this.nominal2.jpgnominal.jpg

              So custom fittings from Geberit somebody who created families was using logic Nominal diameter was smaller than OD and bigger than ID (google said that also). In system Revit that is not case. So I created my custom testing segment (look at dimension 15 mm) where ND is smaller than OD and bigger than ID. Now everything look fine to me nominallll.jpgsolved.jpg
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                Making an MEP template To Do list...

                1. Check all your sizing lists are correct for different materials you will want to use. Uncheck sizes that are not standard/preferred because if you use them this is the first complaint you get from contractors and experienced designers.
                2. Make sure you have a complete set of fittings for each type of material which are totally driven by the attached pipe size which is already correct. (So no type parameters for diameters etc, or crazy look up tables for every size and angle).
                3. Make all your Pipe Types for each material, with the right size lists and the right fittings in Routing Preferences.

                If this is set up well, anyone can draw pipes with a particular material and it will come out correct.
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                  where are you 2 days ago?


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