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    New to adaptive components

    I am looking to create my first adaptive component. The purpose of it is road stripping component, that I will use dynamo to generate points along my topo surface in order to have points for my adaptive family.

    I have never done an adaptive family. How many points can I use or should I use. I was thinking of the following set up

    X number of adaptive points connected by a reference spline, creating a sweep to follow this reference line.

    My main question is how many points should i make it also, if I use 3 or 5 points will the joints between the components disappear when connected or will I have these joint lines.

    Can the number of points be variable in an adaptive component?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
    Denis Pohlman, AIA, NCARB, WELL AP, CPHC
    Architect + BIM Coordinator
    Kahler Slater, Inc.

    An image of the desired road would be great. It's not the same if you are making a narrow path up the hill or a highway.

    What is the purpose of making it an adaptive component?
    Easy things are not worth the effort


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