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Multi Panel Door with 3d swing Pt 2

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    Multi Panel Door with 3d swing Pt 2

    Continued on from

    Just when I thought I had it ! Next issue is handle type selection.
    Do I nest the two handle types into the door panel family, then nest these into the door family, which I have done and seem to work within the family, but when I load into project handle selection is not available. How do I link handle types parameter within the door family?
    do I nest the door panel family and then the handle types into the door family. This I have tried but changing to a different panel type the handles don't stay fixed.

    Hope this makes sense. All I want is a family with 2 handle types and about 4 panel types.
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    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

    Hi Mark,

    the first option is not possible: as far as i know you can't link parameters through multiple nestings.

    So you would have to go with option number 2. But, as you stated attaching the handles to the door panel raises all kind of hell...:banghead:
    To do this, I created 2 extra refplanes: 1 ext door panel, 1 int door panel.
    Following, I wanted to make the outer refplane turn with the door angle. to do this, you need to originate the refplane in the same turning point as the door panel. this way, when you assign the 3D Swing-parameter the refplane will follow the door panel. The int refplane I offsetted with the thickness-parameter.
    So be aware: DO NOT LOCK the refplanes to the door panel, but make them function on their own.
    After having done this, I was able to place the door handles on the refplanes, and assign a parameter to choose the type. I tested this in a project and as far as I can tell they comply to changes in swing opening, panel thickness and you can select the handle type you want.
    I don't know what will happen if you choose another panel but, since the handles are placed on independent refplanes, I don't think this will create any problems (as long as you link the panel thickness of different types to the thickness-parameter in the door family.

    Multi Door - Copy_MdR.rfa
    Martijn de Riet
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      Thanks, I will check it out tonight and let you know how I get on.
      Mark Balsom

      If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


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