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    Revit 2011 to 3DS Max

    Hey guys,

    My firm is currently trying to conquer the revit 3DS max dilemma. We have grown accustomed to using max to get a certain level of rendering quality and efficiency that we have been unable to duplicate with revit. I have heard that new improvements in Revit 2011 and 3DS max 2011 allows for a transfer of materials and an easier transition using an fbx file format. I was interested in seeing if any of you have actually tried this and experienced some level of success. I would be interested in hearing any struggles or successes. I appologize if this was tackled in another thread, I was unable to locate it.


    Long time follower, first time posting. You all have been very helpful in my revit development as an architect fresh out of grad school, so thanks.

    Welcome aboard!

    You might check here:

    and the Rendering section of this Forum. Lots of Revit>3dsMax discussion.

    Some other awesome apps we are looking at are Lumion and Twinmotion--check them out! These apps use "gaming engine" technology and GPU rendering.
    Render speeds will blow away anything raytraced in Max even with massive renderfarms using multi-machine/multi-core CPUs.
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      I'm not the greatest when it comes to 3D Studio...but I exported an FBX file and imported it into 3DS... big learning curve on what exactly to export. I had lots of curtain walls and windows which I had to export separately. In all I had 6 FBX files. They imported just fine into 3DS... problem was the materials did not transfer, at least not the swatch. It didn't take long to fix the materials though. And if I fixed one window for example it would fix all of them of the same type. That was my crash course in 3DS....trying to get things exported to our renderer (whom I found out didn't know 3DS either) so he could import the 3DS into FormZ...
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


        also there is a thread in render gallery with export to max via fbx. do you use mental ray?


          FBX exports fine to Max. It takes forever to export, and the files can be massive if your model is massive. But aside from that, it works great. WE use it all the time.
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