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Riser Duct Visibility Issue

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    Riser Duct Visibility Issue

    In my project I am facing an issue with visibility of fresh air riser duct. This riser duct running from GF to Third FF.This duct is visible at all floor levels except first floor level. If I disconnected a riser from a elbow which is @ 2300 below first floor level then duct is visible if i connect it to elbow then it is not visible. I had checked all possibilities related visibility but I am not able to fix it.

    Any suggestion?? Any clue??? to fix it.

    Sounds like you have a visibility setting defined by systems. When the duct is connected it becomes part of a system. Check in VG and look at your filters.
    "Keeping my view range hopeful"


      System Type

      At Last I found an issue.The issue is, I need a fresh air system for ducting and by default it is not available with RMEP so I added it as a other system.As their is no any default presentation for other system so that the riser duct is not visible in plan if it is connected fitting. As it disconnected from a fitting it becomes visible.

      I heard that in 2012 we will be able to add a new system type...hope so it will be work fine for 2012.


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