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Import 3D dwg files and make them Revit Objetcs?

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    Import 3D dwg files and make them Revit Objetcs?

    I raised the issue/problem in another post but now we have another job with the same situation.

    External slabs for industrial developments and some car park slabs has to be graded in our 3d civil package (12D) to get the fall/surface draining to work properly. But we structural guys have then to document them ie show joints, slab thickness etc.

    The problem is how do you actually get the information from the civl package in to Revit as a proper Revit Object - in this case a floor?
    I can export the "tin" as a 3D dxf from the civil package into Autocad. The tin will only have the surface not an actually thickness. I can take the tin into autocad and manipulate it and extrude the faces (triangulation) to get an thickness.

    I can the bring a 3D dwg into Revit but it looks crap and is pretty useless. I can import the 3d dwg in to a mass and then skin the mass object with walls etc but that is not very good either.
    The best option currently is to actually recreate the slab in revit and modify the sub elements but it seems to double up the work when we don't have to.

    We have the building design suite with 3d max - are there any way to do a "round-trip" with autocad-max-revit to convert an object or at least improve on a 3D dwg file for use in revit?
    I do realize they are 3 different programs but they are owned by the same company but you would think that there would be anyway for them to communicate (sort-off) seamless.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



    Nope. Redoing it in Revit is the only way to really get something *intelligent* out of it.
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