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Short lines < 0.8 mm´s / 1/32"

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    Short lines < 0.8 mm´s / 1/32"

    Revit won´t allow us to draw line pieces shorter than 0.8 mm´s (1/32")

    Normally that´s not really an issue, but occasionally I´ve had the need for some 1:1 details, and for creating titleblock logo´s.

    Note - The following trick only works for families (not in the project environment), and is fairly simple.

    Draw the detail or logo at a larger scale i.e. 100:1 (0.5 mm´s become 50 mm´s) and when finished, just select all the linework, and scale it down to fit. Voila, Revit now accepts those short lines.
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    Do you mean scaling up the whole title block + logo in family file and then scaling it all down when you insert into project file?


      OK, it finally sunk in!
      Hey good forum site. Thanks for the intro.


        I believe this is also possible by draming the line longer first. then select one end and retype the length as desired.
        same when moving something less than 1mm. Move 1mm in the opposite direction, and then 1.4mm in the right direction.
        Martijn de Riet
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          Not from lines in a filled region though! :banghead:

          Oh crapsticks, that's some thread necromancy right there for you... and from a mod. O the shame! :hide:
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