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Autodesk University: That’s a wrap on AU 2015

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    Autodesk University: That’s a wrap on AU 2015

    Most of us are back home now, after a week of learning, connecting, and exploring (and maybe a little partying). AU 2015 was stimulating, mind-expanding, and definitely never boring. Here’s what went down on Thursday.
    Class dismissed
    We completed 650+ sessions in 3 days—is your brain full yet? We hope you left overflowing with insight, innovation, and inspiration. Thank you to all of our wonderful speakers for your hard work leading up to and during this event—your contributions are what make AU so incredible. And of course, thank you to everyone who attended. Without you, there would be no AU.
    The Scavenger Hunt is over
    … And we have a winner! Congratulations to Eric Guerra of Puget Sound Energy, who won a free pass to AU Las Vegas 2016. There was a five-way tie for first place, and Eric won the luck of the draw. Kudos also to the runners up: Bryan Stockton, Daniel Tucker, Andy treat, and Eric Motley—we’ve got a little something for you, too.
    Closing General Session
    Autodesk SVP Amar Hanspal brought it home with a heartfelt celebration of the incredible work engineers and designers are doing every day to solve today’s epic challenges, whether that’s in healthcare, energy efficiency, and history. We hope he inspired you to search for new ways to use your skills to imagine, design, and create a better world.
    Bash to the Future
    It wouldn’t be AU without a final-night shindig, and the shins were well dug at this year’s Bash to the Future affair. Amid very tall robots, gymnasts dancing in bubbles (still not sure how she was getting oxygen), and the strange robo-bug guy on four stilts, it was the most fun we’ve had with 10,000 engineers, designers, and makers since, well…since last year’s closing party. Kudos to the live karaoke band. You guys rocked.
    Well, that’s it folks. Thanks for everyone who made the trip to Las Vegas to join in the fun, sharpen your skills, and connect with peers and thought leaders from around the world. We’ll see you back here next year.

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