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    Create a selection set


    I'm testing out some code to create a Revit Saved Selection set which I'm going to use in another routine. I'm using the Clockwork package with Dynamo.

    To test it out I simply want to create a loadable selection set (from the Manage > Select > Load button) called 'Test' which is all the doors in a project.

    But I can't seem to get it to work, no selection set is created at all.

    Am I missing something?



    It's turning out 'null' so somethings failing in the custom node, which means that it probably hasn't been updated for 0.9 yet.

    Better try contacting Andreas Dieckmann (Author of the Clockwork nodes) via twitter
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    Sol Amour

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      I'm using Dynamo 0.82 and download the 0.82 clockwork package...

      How do I know that the'null' is a clockwork error as opposed to an error in my programming?



        If you put 'watch' nodes at the end of everything, you can figure out pretty quickly where the data gets 'stuck'. In my recreation, it was the Clockwork node that wasn't working correctly.

        There is always the chance that the data you are feeding into it is incorrect as well which could also cause a null value.

        I'm not very good at Python yet to can't offer a solution unfortunately.

        Sol Amour

        Architectural Explorer, Digital warrior, Affectual adventurer and Curious Human Being
        Portfolio Website @ Cargo Collective


          is it working? i mean highlighting elements or creating loadable selection set.

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            What version of Revit are you in? Also, how many doors are there in the set? and Are any of them in model groups?

            It appears to be working for me. Dynamo 0.1.0, Revit 2016
            2016-06-03 07_03_32-Dynamo.png2016-06-03 07_04_27-Autodesk Revit 2016 - [Floor Plan_ W-FP-1 - Project1].png

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              it should work, i didn't use clockwork, and not good at Python yet, so i tried to use normal API via C# to create my own Dynamo node, works great, well, my very first Zero Touch stuff!
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