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Linked CAD not visible in other floors of project

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    Linked CAD not visible in other floors of project

    Hello Forum,

    I am new to revit and just finished some ATC classes. I am stumped and need guidance. I linked in a dwg floor plan and it shows on the first floor but not in the 2nd floor or any others views. I thought as long as you left "current view only" in the Link CAD Dialog box unchecked it should show in all views. Thank you in advance for any replies

    Ny Mech

    Well, it could also be by default hidden in the other views. Also, your View Range needs to be set to a correct height. Post the project, we might have a look...
    This thread could also be helpful (all known ways why something won't show up in a view. Must have for starters!!)
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      hi guys,
      i have been having a similar problem. i link a dwg in to revit and it only shows up in the 3D view. and not on any of the floor plans. would any one have an idea on how to sort this out please.



        Go to a section or elevation view. In VG make sure Imported Categories is turned on. Then turn all other categories off--this will expose the cad dwg.
        It will show up as a thing horizontal colored line, because you are looking at it straight on and it's flat.

        You may need to copy it up to the 2nd Level.

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