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Structural Beam Spline Trick

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    Structural Beam Spline Trick

    After I posted a workaround on a recent thread post #40 I stumbled upon an interesting trick involving structural beams.
    A structural beam made in Structural Beam and Brace Template will follow a "model spline line" by using pick line (nothing new) but what is interesting the structural beam inherits the spline control points of the Model Line, also once the beam is generated the beam and control points are independent of the model line. You can add remove control points as you wish.
    In the attached file the slab is just a structural beam, just select it add, remove, manipulate control points for some interesting results.
    The batten (possible ceiling) is a nested array within a structural beam, its interesting, seems to fail at the ends with the members changing size, I have tried all sorts of solutions but can't seem to get it to hold consistent profile size, but once again has potential (maybe someone can solve this).
    This beam family template seems to have some special way of handling splines and creating a kind of adaptive component.
    May come in handy for some of those more interesting workarounds.
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