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Need Some Help to Start Working With RST2012

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    Need Some Help to Start Working With RST2012

    Hey evreyone..
    Im pretty new with the software and i tried allready a thosand tutorials and i just didnt get how to start working with revit..

    I want to start a new project but the software ask for me for a template file (.rte) which i dont have.. (checked in hard drive)
    Later when i pressed "none".. every time i try to add a beam\column they asked for a family file (.rfa).. i need to download\create any cross section that i want to work with?

    There is no chance that there is some default template file that i can work with?? you know just like STRAP.. you choose your own section for every beam\column you do?

    Anyway its just seem to hard to learn on your own.. but i just want to learn the basic 'cause nexty week we will install revit in our office..

    (Sorry for any mistypes\mistakes my english is very limited )
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    Welcome to our forum, dx69.

    From the application menu (Big R) do this: > Options > File locations > Default template file > Browse... find a file named as "Structural Analysis-default.rte". Mine (in Windows 7) is located at C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RST 2012\Templates\US Imperial\
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      Welcome to the forum.

      When installed correctly Revit should point to a OOTB template file installed with the standard libraries. Try Alfredo's way to find it. If that doesn't work, you don't have the library installed. You probably need to reinstall or do a repair install to get the files.
      I believe you can also donwload them from Autodesk site but I'm not quite sure.

      As for the families: you might want to check some tutorials showing the basics of using families in Revit. But standard beams should also be in the OOTB library.
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        Alfredo above is right. As a new user you'll find Revit to be quite different that what you may have been used to though if you were working in 3D before (ADT) or something similar you'll find it's more similar than not. Your day may be split between "WOW" and "Huh?" getting started though. It isn't something that is easily self taught. At least not without a little help.


          well thank you for the comments.
          I dont have a "Template" Folder in - C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RST 2012 - i have only "Family Template" folder in this location.
          i've tried to repair the install and then reinstalled.. nothing changed..

          i guess my only option is to download that "Template" folder manually someway
          Any suggestions?


            Thanks for all guys..
            I succsesfully download all the missing templates from autodesk site..

            PROBLEM SOLVED!


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