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Creating families that complies with COBie

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    Creating families that complies with COBie

    Hi everyone!

    A little of an advice needed here. I am doing my dissertation in university called migrating from BIM level 0 to level 2. At the same time I work for the small contractor that I am creating the Revit model for them. How to create the family that complies with COBie ? I mean, I know how to create a family and have different parameters, but which parameters should I include? Let's say Bar code, Identity number, description, etc. Will it be later upgraded to Cobie_Bar code, Cobie_Identity number and so on, if let's say an architect uses my modeled families with COBie extension ? Could anyone explain please? Thank you!

    Try out their COBie tool: BIM Interoperability Tools

    Most importantly, you are getting into the realm of "BIM to FM", & COBie IMO will go by the way of the Dodo, eventually. You should look into having Clients exposed to Archibus & or VEO that are a fraction of the acquiring & operational costs of the software that is or is like Maximo that will go into the millions of $$$ with just 10 licensed users in just 5yrs or less (depending on parameters) vs Archibus/VEO that could be as less as $100K+ for 100+ users 1st year cost, then $20K+/yr in subscription costs. Now Archibus can also integrate into software like Maximo to get their maintenance alerts on warranty/replacement/etc cycles, but Veo can be an all in one solution, I believe. What no other FM software other than the two I suggested is they can communicate directly with the Revit models updating data both ways. Plus many other perks that can help pin point & track the origin/source of the assets & of the feed each point is getting all the way back to it's source (power/water/air) way much quicker. You know, stuff Geeks have wet dreams over.
    Just a thought.
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      The NBS have downloadable family templates that are pre-loaded with the appropriate shared parameters.

      They have also published a standard for use in creating families that would help.

      You will probably need to register to access this information, but it is free.

      There has been some criticism that the NBS standard is too involved and loads too much information into the families. Eventually I'd hope to see most of this information held in an external database than in the Revit model itself.


        In my experience even the geometric parameters of COBie (NominalWidth, etc) aren't tied "properly" to families. It's all text. There's no "trick".


          They CAN be tied. The COBie parameters I have here (originally received from either autodesk or the GSA) have the nominalWidth, depth, length, and height parameters as Number parameters, not text. So I just have formulas driving those from the normal parameters.

          But the SP's may be different than the ones you have, if those are text.
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            We're going to be holding COBie workshops on our current project and running lots of trials in preparation for the full data drops that will occur much later in the project. Work starts on site in a few months, so we are aiming to reach 100% compliance on first delivery by the time of the COBie handovers. (The BIM Leader wants this to be an exemplar for BIM Level 2, and we are all committed to getting everything as good as it can be.)

            I'll see if I am able to keep this thread updated with the COBie issues and fixes that we encounter as we go along, but it may be too long a timescale to be of much use to you in your dissertation.

            We certainly will be cooking our own Revit families for much of the content as it is already clear that a lot of what we need is not yet available.


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