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Tablet Pens for Mark Ups in Navisworks

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    Tablet Pens for Mark Ups in Navisworks

    How do you guys like the mark up tools in Navisworks?

    I am hoping for Autodesk to upgrade them soon.

    Navisworks is amazing for intertrade coordination. I love all the viewpoints, split screens, XML exports, etc...but drawing and marking directions in a visual format is very difficult.

    Wondering if anyone's had any luck with using a tablet/pen for generating mark ups in Navisworks.

    I saw a bunch of different types of Wacom Intuos tablets at Best Buy yesterday.

    Look forward to your replies!


    I use the INTUOS pen & touch small. It works well with navisworks, revit and design review. I stoped using a mouse for revit, most of the time I use the pen.

    I use a combination of Navisworks and design review for markups during coordination, that way each consultant can take a set of his documents with redlines and not just the ones on Navisworks.


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