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    Face based template

    I am planning a wall mounted fan family and wonder which templates I should use. The family will have one level of nesting so I can drive the type by catalog file. My options are:

    1. Start with a face based generic template and load into another face based mech equip family
    2. Start with a face based generic template and load into a mech equip family
    3. Start with a generic template and load into a face based mech equip family
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    option 3... nesting a face based element into another element will almost certain raise all kinds of problems
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      I suspected some issues using option 1, too. Thanks for clarifying. In option 2, would the void carry over into the parent or cause similar issues as in option 1? I think option 2 would result in a much cleaner parent and I would not have to duplicate ref planes for the void.

      I did a test, I loose the faced based capability using Option 2. Option 3 is the correct method.
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        Another option:

        4. Start with a generic model template, set it to be work plane-based. Load it and place it into a mechanical equipment wall based family.
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