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    Light fittings

    Im just doing an electrical plan and was wondering how people deal with showing pendant light fittings on floor plans?

    at the moment im using plan regions, is this the best method?
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    I seem to recall seeing a tip whereby if you included a 3D line within the family, drawn down from the fitting which was cut by the View cut plane then the whole fitting would show up in plan... or maybe I was imagining that - I've not tried it but it always sounded a good idea.

    Have you had a look at the Andekan free lighting family samples - they are quite 'illuminating'
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      Will is right, just make sure you use an "invisible" model line drawn all the way down to the reference level. That way there will technically be a modeled portion of the fixture cut by the cut plane, and since light fixtures are a non-cuttable family, the entire object will show up in your plan view.

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        Also check out Visa Lighting. Awesome families, all work great.
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