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Complex hip roof with recessed wells

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    Complex hip roof with recessed wells

    Next week I get the fun of modeling a complex hip roof with a large well in the center of it. There will be at least two different pitches and if I'm unlucky they'll add in some raised dormers. Yeah...

    Any insight on what to do what not to do would be appreciated. I'd like to avoid pitfalls brought upon by ignorance as much as possible. I make enough goofs as it is.
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    The project in the attached image is about to break ground - roof is all done with the standard roof tools and a few headaches along the way. Overall it isn't that bad once you figure out a few oddities. Not counting dormers I think there are 30 roof elements. The roof at the monitors on the right and left can be done as one roof but the gables were overbuilt so I went with two elements. It was also a lot easier to do with two
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