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Usable DWG Export Process

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    Usable DWG Export Process

    I'm looking for advice on a process for creating usable AutoCAD DWG's exported from Revit. This goes beyond layers and lineweights. I'm talking a working set of DWG's that can be picked up and used by an AutoCAD based firm. I'm talking xref's and blocks just like if it was drawn in AutoCAD. This DWG deliverable need to be usable not just s.

    Has anyone done this? Attempted and failed? :banghead: Should I quit now?

    Why you may ask...well. We are producing "standards" (basically a DD set) for a franchise that developers will pick up and use to complete CD's for each location. They have to be perfect, or as close as possible considering we are just mortals. This is our first client who actually want's to use the DWG's we give them.

    Is there a company that would provide this as a service? How about a programmer looking to develop a plugin?

    Well, always up for a challenge... could you provide us with an example set of dwg's that would work for you?
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      Doing this will be a HUGE undertaking for your company. It would almost be eaiser to take the drawings to 100%CDs.

      If they want to you produce near perfect drawings. Thats telling me that they dont want to do anywork on them and just use your drawings to submit and make a ton of money. You are taking it to 100%DD they get to either use your Revit model or work with what DWGs they get. LOL
      -Alex Cunningham


        I can't post examples but I can describe them. Keep in mind we are providing both Revit and AutoCAD drawings.

        We are working on hotel chain templates. Franchisees get them from the chain and use them to complete their CD's for each site. This is why they have to be real working documents not s. Revit is easy as we work in Revit and just hand over the model. The problem is getting ACAD drawings from Revit that allow for them to be further developed.

        In a lot of ways its a matter of how far do we need take it. As this is a hotel the unit types need to blocks or XREFs. The grid needs to be the same.


          The real trick is to convince the hotel chain / franchisees to just switch to Revit. They will get a MUCH better deliverable; a "smart" BIM which can be used for construction and beyond into FM; new prototype guestrooms can be "virtual mockups" instead of $400,000 real-mockups.

          I know the drill--hard sell. Bur seriously, other chains like Marriot are already using BIM 100%--if the chain wants to keep up they should strongly consider moving toa BIM approach. You are already using Revit--which only adds validity to the argument. That's the problem--it shouldn't be an "argument"!

          I agree with the other posts--getting a "perfect" set of AutoCad dwgs from Revit will use up your whole fee and then some and just isn't worth it. LOL
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