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Paint Materials Testing - Light Spots

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    Paint Materials Testing - Light Spots

    I've been doing some testing to determing what affects light mold and specular light dots. These are Interior Artificial lights only. this test is using the custom "quick" interior settings where I'm only taking the Draft and adjusting the anti aliasing to 6. So these could be improved potentially by bumping up various settings. I'll post the images when I'm done, but in first pass if you want to avoid specular spots, use Flat paint.

    1. Flat Paint works great, no speckles (can be roller, spray or brush)
    2. Eggshell - Causes specular spots (separated) regardless of application.
    3. Platinum - Causes Specular Spots ( lots of them sim to Pearl)
    4. Pearl - Causes specular Spots(very close together in oval shapes)
    Scott D. Brown, AIA | Senior Project Manager | Beck Group

    Flat materials render faster as well.

    Reflecting materials, esp. blurry reflections, take the longest.

    To see this first-hand try this: take a normal interior scene, add a standard wood floor that's got blurry reflections. Render. Now switch it to be flat, no reflection in the floor, and see the render time plummet!

    Mental Ray seems to really slow down with certain materials!
    Jeffrey McGrew
    Architect & Founder
    Because We Can, a Design-Build Studio
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