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Jason Grant: #Revit 2012 Update 1 - What is Fixed?

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    Jason Grant: #Revit 2012 Update 1 - What is Fixed?

    The Revit Clinic finally released the news that the Enhancement list is now available to let us know what is fixed and therefore also tell us what is not. As typical there are a lot of stability issues but I don't see anything about the nested component issue which is obviously fixed.
    The Update Enhancement List PDF files from Update Release 1 are now available for each of the Revit 2012 products:
    Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012
    Autodesk Revit Structure 2012
    Autodesk Revit MEP 2012
    Fixed – Nested Components Issue
    Ryan Duell from the Revit Clinic beat me to the post about one of the fixes that is in Update 1 for Revit 2012 but then he is the one that actually gave me the answer so it is only fair that he got it out first. We had an issue with a few components not upgrading correctly to Revit 2012 with the most crucial being our door family. Like many companies we have multiple nested components in the door family and the frame would not stretch with the rest of the door in the project environment but worked fine in the family editor environment. Revit 2012 Update 1 fixes this issue and alleviates my stress level of having to check every family that has nested components to see if they needed to be recreated.
    Video on how the door stretched in Revit 2011 and now with Revit 2012 Update 1
    Revit Door in 2011 and 2012WU1 from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

    Video on how the door stretched in the Revit 2012 Released Version (Pre Update 1)
    Revit Door 2012 from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

    Not Fixed – Shared Detail Components
    We have a project that has all of the detail components shared since we have been doing “Super Detail Components”. Since there are some flaws in the detailing process, consistency issues and don’t even get me started about grouping, we have been creating the details as one big detail or wall section with all of the detail components nested and shared. The sharing allows us to tag the detail components and keep them consistent between the mega detail components. Problem is that they won’t mask unless the masking component is shared also so masking regions are out of the question. ADSK support said it has been logged for a possible future release/update but it apparently was not this one. Below is a video if you want to see the issue.

    Revit Shared Detail Components Issue from Jason Grant on Vimeo.
    Not Fixed – Line Styles in Linked Files
    We have run into this weirdness which is slightly annoying and frustrating if it does not always get caught in the review of the drawings.
    Revit Line Styles Issue with Links from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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