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Type/Instance. Project Parameters. Why?

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    Type/Instance. Project Parameters. Why?

    Take a family, any family. Edit it, add a new SP, say an integer, as a type parameter in the data group, enter a value 1 then load it into a blank project or at least one with no preexisting knowledge of the 'new' SP.

    Now add a Project Parameter, yep you guessed it, the same SP you just added to the family. This time however set it as an instance parameter in a different group, to be awkward lets use the Other group.

    Now despite just adding it as an Instance parameter, the family you made originally will still show the SP where you added it, under type properties.

    But if you add a brand new family, of the same category, to the project without first adding the same SP in the family editor, it will show the SP as an Instance parameter as per the project parameter definition.


    I don't mind, it happens to "work" to my advantage, and as far as I can tell doesn't interfere with families that have formula populated values in family parameters in any adverse way.

    I "stumbled" upon this a moment ago playing about with DB-Link and SPs, couldn't recall seeing it discussed before, thought that odd, so shared.

    I think the technical term for this kind of situation is "Janky".
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      That's how I'd expect it to work based on your description.

      Adding a Project Parameter (whether a shared parameter or not) and assigning it to a category means the project governs its relationship to families that belong to that category. If the parameter is introduced to the family and then to the project Revit is merely attempting to respect the family's relationship with the parameter. The project has a conflicting role now. I think it is up to us to keep them aligned.


        I agree with Steve. Seems normal to me. When you add a project parameter, Revit applies that to all the elements of the category, but it´s not going to change type into instance or vice versa in the families that you already loaded with that shared parameter.
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