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What do you think about this computer sold by Best Buy?

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    What do you think about this computer sold by Best Buy?

    Will appreciate any advise if this computer might be OK for Revit and AutoCAD 2012, and if the Graphic Card suffices. It is sold by Best Buy for 899.99. Also, just curious about this part also, it is good for Revit 3Ds with colors?
    Do not neeed any very sophisticated high end computer, just one that will suffice and taht will work well with the new versions of the programs.
    (From what the presales support people from HP say, it appears to be a new computer and "it also has four USB ports on the back of the PC and two USB ports on the front of the PC for connecting wired peripherals such as a wired mouse and keyboard".)
    Thanks in advance.

    HP Pavilion Elite h8-1020 Desktop PC / Intel Core
    i7 Processor / 8GB Memory / ITB Hard

    Second-generation Intel Core i7-2600S
    processor (2.8GHz)

    Features a 8MB cache and a 2.8 Hz processor speed.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM

    1GB ATI Radeon HD 6570 graphics

    (Features 1GB dedicated video memory...)

    Multidisplay capable (Asslow you to connect up to 3 monitors total...)

    1TB hard drive

    SuperMulti DVD burner

    802.11b/g/n wireless LAN

    15-in-1 digital media card reader on front

    8 high-speed USB 2.0 ports

    I would typically stay away from ATI Graphics Cards. Will this be standalone or on a network?


      Yup, I have an ATI now (and it's great btw), but not so much with autodesk products. Also, a lot of render software (Octane for instance) only works with Nvidia...
      Martijn de Riet
      Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
      MdR Advies
      Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


        the 2600s is considered the "S - Performance optimized lifestyle" (wikipedia) model
        you should read S as "slower default clock speed with same turbo boost"
        2600 = 3.4ghz w/ 3.8ghz turbo boost
        2600S = 2.8ghz w/ 3.8ghz turbo boost

        never been a fan of ATI's drivers, nvidia seems to have cornered the market for pro-sumer application support. i think that AMD is working on support for ATI cards (since they bought them back in 2006), but i think its not just there yet.

        personally, i dont like HP, compaq, and pretty much any "retail" model of computers.



          If this is going on a network your going to want to upgrade 7 to Professional...
          Like the others, buying retail is not suggested...mainly because of the Home Edition and all the junk they put on them. If anyone ever bought one I would reformat it before I ever put it on the network.
          Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


            Hi Octavio,

            You really don't say what this is being used for (project size, etc.), but I wouldn't recommend this for high-performance Revit use. If you're a student or this is just a computer for side-work or occasionally working from home, then it's reasonably good. If this is you're primary business computer, spend a little more money. The CPU is weak compared to the full version of the i7-2600 and that video card is entry level.


              The new one is to be used for side work and to learn Revit.
              The current old computer planned to be phased out is an "Intel Pentium D Processor 940 with each core running at 3.2 GHz 800 MHz FSB, 2x2 MB L2 cache"
              Let me ask, how that old computer where I see the "3.2 GHz" compares with the new "Intel Core i7-2600S processor (2.8GHz)"?. (Is the old BIGGER or LARGER somwhat?). I notice that the 2.8 GHz in the new one is larger than the old 3.2 GHz, so let me ask, is the old one better or faster? What these GHz numbers really mean when compared to each of the computers, and also how they are applicable to speed, etc.?
              Pardon my little knowledge about these matters, that was the reason for my questions, as you see.
              Thanks again.
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                You can not compare GHz numbers between different CPU families (architectures). If you haven't already, read my post on CPUs.

                The 2.8GHz i7-2600S will run WAY faster than your very old 3.2 GHz Pentium D.

                For side-work projects and for learning Revit, that computer will be fine hardware-wise.

                (p.s. - all of this discussion is very relative... that's a very fast computer - faster than the one I use which was fairly top-of-the-line 18 months ago... so when we talk about a "good computer for Revit", we're also talking about the investment, value, and performance of the computer for the next 2-3 years... a lower-end computer may be acceptable for Revit 2012, but how well will it run Revit 2014?)
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