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Project Bluestreak, a Long-Running Autodesk Technology Preview, is Ending

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    Project Bluestreak, a Long-Running Autodesk Technology Preview, is Ending

    1. What is happening, and when?
      The Project Bluestreak service, an Autodesk® Labs technology preview, is ending. Installations of Bluestreak will cease to function starting Friday, July 10th, 2015.
    2. Why is the technology preview ending?
      As an Autodesk Labs preview technology, Project Bluestreak was created to solicit feedback around BIM collaboration workflows, and learn from usage patterns. We have met our goals and are ending the technology preview.
    3. What will happen to my data on Bluestreak?
      All data contained in the Bluestreak service will be deleted when the Project Bluestreak ends.
    4. What will replace Bluestreak?
      We have learned a lot through the Bluestreak Labs project. Much of that learning has been applied to our Autodesk® A360 Collaboration for Revit® service, and specifically the Communicator messaging tool that works as part of the offering.

      Initially, there will be no direct replacement for core scenarios that Bluestreak addresses – monitoring Autodesk® Revit® worksharing activities occurring on Revit® Server – but the product team is evaluating the best way to deliver a solution to those scenarios.

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