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    Functional P-Trap

    Anyone have a link for a functional p-trap for mep? There's supposed to be one in the accessories folders but I can't seem to find it. Searching online hasn't come up with anything yet. Got one kicking around I can steal?

    it's buried pretty good....but if you browse to your imperial library/ pipe/ fittings/ pvc/ sch 40/ socket type/ dwv least that's were it's at in RME 2011


      You may try this one that I made...
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        Found the Revit one and also used yours too truevis. Thanks.


          Originally posted by Fishtail8 View Post
          Found the Revit one and also used yours too truevis.
          Does either one work better than the other?


            Fwiw, I think P-traps should be part of plumbing fixtures. In other words, I think our libraries ought to have fixtures that have the pipe and P-Trap modeled internally until it meets the normal "rough-in" location.

            Seems to me that it is a "waste" (pun intended) of time/effort to place these things unless they are "huge" for some special equipment perhaps. For routine, sinks and such they can either be "ignored" or created as part of the fixture itself.

            It's actually even a good idea to model the pipe out to the primary connection "fitting" so it can include the waste and vent connections. This helps resolve Fixture Unit calculations and reduces the number of fittings to mess with. It takes more work but worth it. I believe Joel Londenberg did a AU class in the past that describes this well.

            Or you can spend lots of time placing them trap by's fun!


              I agree with Steve. Here are some examples of fixture families I have created. The lavatories have the p-trap, hot & cold connections, and the waste piping into the wall. the water closets have the waste into the wall and cold water conneciton.

              Jason Seck
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                Nice families!
                Martijn de Riet
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                  @Revit Garage + others - Families

                  hi there all,

                  I am kinda new to revit mep and am using 2012. I am actually trying to do a Pluming layout and totally agree with you that the plumbing fixtures nees to come with a trap as i have been trying for 2 days now to get my sanitary system drawn up as i want it. I did a 2d layout on autocad and the BOQ will be taken off there unless i fix my layout/model.

                  My first issue is, when i watch all these you tube traning vids, i seem to notice that there pipe type they have is PVC and therefore when Revit draws the pipework, it draws it with the correct plumbing fittings. On my layout, it only gives me the default option that i have changed to be PVC but i still get the option of changing it?

                  Then @RevitGarage, the family you drew up(lavatory), is exactly what i want. Can you please maybe explain to me how you did that as what id like to do is just modify the lavatory within the family and so it would change on all i use and in future.
                  I need do something similiar for all the fixtures(shower, WC's, baths ect) but once it is done then i will be able to work quicker and more accurate.

                  If any of you guys have some tips and can please give me some advice(maybe a already modeled up family cw trap) i would really appreciate it.

                  Thanks so much guys and take care


                    We don't model the P-trap anymore because we had too many coordination issues with the plunger and bathroom cleaning supplies under the sink.....

                    What we have done is created a family that includes all plumbing fixtures. We place it in the wall. This family has all the necessary parameters based on the selected plumbing fixture. All this family has is the pipe connections modeled. We pipe up all the fixtures and than create a group. If we need a sink I grab it, ungroup it and connect the already piped branch lines to the mains... voilà.
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