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Ceiling Grid To Show in floor plans

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    Ceiling Grid To Show in floor plans

    i have a linked model in my project with ceiling grids showing, i can see them in my RCP but what i really want is to see the ceiling grid in my floor plans.
    i am trying to do some lighting schemes if i use RCP i can not see doors with my light switches, so ideally what i want is my lighting floor plan with my fittings shown and switches etc. but also so i can see my ceiling grid. i have tried to use underlay but when i do this half my walls disappear, i have tried using view range options with no success.
    i can only see grids in RCP only. even if i do use underlay orientation i still cant see the grid. i tried to see if it was hidden and also i have checked VG Ceiling grid is on.
    where am i going wrong? can anyone advise best method to use.

    Problems With underlays not showing properly can sometimes be solved by turning on wireframe. You could try that as a start.

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      I can't recall if this works but it is worth a try.

      In visibility graphic go to the revit links tab, over ride the graphics of the link in question, then map the view to look at the rcp plan in the linked file. This works between sections and elevation but can't recall plan to rcp

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        or just place 2 Views on the sheet
        Place the Floor Plan First, with your Switched etc
        Then place your Ceiling Plan etc


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