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Revit Server - Replacing Central File

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    Revit Server - Replacing Central File

    If you are familiar with Revit Server at all, by now you know that you can no longer do a 'Save As' of a detached copy of your Central File and write over the existing Central File. Not a really big deal upon first glance, just make sure everyone SWC, gets out, you delete the CF from the Revit Central Server and then Save As a new CF with the same name. NOT SO.

    Any Local Server (other than the one that the new CF was posted through) that has a 'memory' of that CF does not get updated with the new model! The first person in any other office that tries to make a new Local Copy will get a 'Revit Server Not Accessible' error. The only way to fix it seems to be to delete the folder that is named the same as the CF on the Revit Local Server(s): \\ServerName\RevitLocalServer\Cache\ProjectFolder\Proj\CFName.rvt
    (in bold are the folder names that RS automagically creates)
    But what if you have 4,5,10 local servers that are accessing this CF???:crazy:

    Sure you can say 'just dont ever replace your Central File'. We are hoping that the promise of CF corruption is all but gone to be true but what about when someone screws up something big in the model. We have all heard horror stories of someone deleting a Level in an Elevation because they 'didn't want to see it'. Events like that neccessitate rolling back the CF or promoting a Local to be a new CF. Things you can't do anymore with RS.

    If anyone else is running into this :banghead: and has some insight, please share!


    Reply to my own post. There are some changes with RS 2012 that may or may not be documented. I have not seen them but someone mentioned it on a phone call with me recently. The Save-as option still does not exist but the cached xxxxx.rvt folders on Local Servers will eventually clear themselves out if you remove or move a Central File using the RS Admin console. It is not immediate, my assumption is that it happens with the Autosync cycle which is every 120 seconds.

    So, this is nice but it's probably a good idea to wait a few minutes when repopulating a Central File to the Revit Central Server. There is still a lack of any sort of utility that can inform a RS Administrator which local servers have what models cached to them so it would be a manual process of browsing every one of them to make sure. In our case, that's 25 servers which kind of sucks.

    Besides having to replace screwed up models, this workflow is relevant when your project has a Revit model from an outside partner or consultant that lives on the Revit Server as a detached copy. Updating it when a new version comes in would be a common task.


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