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Design Options or 2 Files?

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    Design Options or 2 Files?

    So I basically have an existing building which is just a shell (4 walls and a roof) and we're looking at doing a couple of options for an office block. I've used design options before and I'm familiar with how they work. However, these 2 particular options will be extremely different to each other, in the sense that the entire layout of the building will be different in each option.

    I'm just wondering, is it worth while using design options for such a task? I've always been under the impression that when the options are so different that it can affect the entire layout, is it better to use separate files for each option.

    What are people's thoughts on this?

    When you say layout, does it mean that you are changing the facade for exemple? It's a little complicated to answer without more information.
    Just note a few things
    - Levels cannot be used in Design Options
    - It's easier to integrate a Design Options then a file
    - Be careful with worksets when using Design Options


      Thanks for the reply Daniel.

      No, the facade won't change. It will be the same in both options. I'm aware levels can't be used in design options, but I thinking if I were to use design options, I'd use an option set for each level (there's only 2 levels). I won't be using worksets on this project.


        Design Options everyday of the week.

        You need "simply" plan their hierarchy - there's often the possibility to break down studies into exercises, and so in turn, Design Options into distinct studies - so rather than lump A/B as options A/B in (a single) Option Set, consider your options to putting A1,B1 in Option Set DO1; A2,B2 in Option Set D02, etc... where D01 (could be) "Atrium Studies", D02 for "Core Studies", etc...

        Aside from breaking down your worktasks into smaller operations in smaller (design option) datasets, it also gives you the power/flexibility to compare different configurations of different study options - and close-off (make/accept primary) your design study options in stages.


          Cheers Snowy.

          I suppose what I'm really afraid of, is the initial complication between having to switch between options the whole time for pretty much everything I do. If it was only a small part of the project it would be a different story, but the fact that both options will be like 2 entirely different projects, I thought that would make it a bit more complicated.

          I'm still interested to hear other people's views on this.


            I have been using Design Options heavily for Production Builders who maintain multiple elevations and many dozen structural options all within one project. The key is to pre-building your Views/Sheets to support your various options so that you always have a place to go to view a particular condition (without having to constantly adjust your VG in 1 view or the other). In your case, I would go ahead and duplicate your existing set of views for your "A" option and create another set of views to support your "B" option (Your "B" views will have their Design Options tab within the Visibility Graphics settings configured for Option B).


              Design Options, 100%.
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                Thanks guys.


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