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Multi Category Schedule External Windows and Doors

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    Multi Category Schedule External Windows and Doors

    I am trying to incorporate external windows and doors into a multi-category schedule, including room reference for which they are placed. For some reason, they only work if I mirror flip the window/door so that it is the wrong way in the wall, so they open into the room as apposed to opening out.

    This is obviously not how they work in reality.

    Also, struggling to get the room area for that room to schedule... is this possible?

    The family is created correctly (external side is the external side of the window etc)

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    Originally posted by timmos1983 View Post
    The family is created correctly (external side is the external side of the window etc)
    Are the walls created correctly? There are Exterior vs Interior layers too...A lot of people ignore this fact and build however they want.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      Thanks for the reply MPwuzhere!

      Yes, the walls are built up correctly also. Any other ideas?


        I know this post is almost a year old..... but i'm having the exact same problem. Anyone found a solution yet?



          This might have something to do with the Room Calculation Point of the Family?


            Unfortunately not. The room calculation point effects the 'To Room' and 'From Room' on the individual window and door schedules (which work fine) but not a multi category schedule.
            It almost seems as though the multi category schedules need a 'To room' & 'From room' options, but it doesn't it only has 'Room'?

            The only way I can get the room to appear on multi category schedules is if the window is facing the wrong way... and I don't really want to remodel all of my window and door families so they are incorrect in terms of interior and exterior sides!!

            Is any body else having this trouble?


              If you have your To: and From: room parameters included in the schedule, you should have the option to switch them within the schedule without impacting the graphics in the floor plan.

              Just tested this... looks like multi-category schedules are missing to: and from: room parameters... they just have room.

              If this is important, then I'd split the windows from the doors and have two schedules so you have that capability, otherwise it doesn't look like you can do it with multi-category schedules. Very interesting.
              Chris Heinaranta | Architectural Technologist


                Yes I have found the same thing - room info appears fine in individual door / window schedules but not multi category?
                Unfortunately I'm creating a ventilation schedule for all openings so to get the totals to add up I can't have separate schedules.
                I will just have to put the room names in the old fashioned way!
                Hopefully this may be ironed out in the next release.



                  Would it be possible to assign Global Parameters to achieve this?
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                    I suspect your door families, or use of them in project, are what's the "problem" here, w/ the schedule reporting to/from "correctly", it's just that your doors have (I suspect) been mirrored (by tool) and/or mirrored (by family control) in which case, you're going to need to go through all your doors to ensure they're replaced correctly, and/or introduce an alternative (non-automated) set of SPs to take manual-control over how they report.

                    Personally I'd action the former over the hacky former.

                    If you've Navisworks, the door property <IsFlipped> (not exposed withing Revit sadly) reports 1/0 for doors that have been/haven't, so you could readily search-set them (there, in Navis) to "catch" them for fixing (back in Revit)


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