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Jason Grant: #RTCUSA Events / Photos / Differences

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    Jason Grant: #RTCUSA Events / Photos / Differences

    Opening Day Party in the Exhibit Hall
    Jason Grant (Me), Don Rudder (HOK), Amy Patel (HOK), Robert Yori (SOM)BBQ Party at the end of Day 2
    Open bar, perfect night, grilled shrimp, chicken and steak... what could be better?
    Gala Party at the end of Day 3
    Others have great images of Steven Shell rocking it out, Steve Stafford playing the drums and the hall but the food was great also! Thai Jumbo Shrimp over Risotto, Chicken stuffed with Brioche, Cranberry and Walnuts and Chocolate Pots Du Creme.
    Room / Resort
    I don't think anyone had a room without a view.
    Weather and Beach
    Who could ask for a better location? Weather was nice and so was the beach.
    Some of the key things that made this conference different and unique for me was:
    • Having someone ask me a question at the end of my session that would take too long to answer so I told her to find me at lunch, and she could actually find me at lunch.
    • Less of the sessions focused on making sure beginners knew what was being discussed.
    • No need for lip balm or downing water to keep hydrated.
    • Being able to find people and have meaningful discussions since everyone has similar interests.
    • Making even deeper connections than possible anywhere else with people you know.
    • Meeting new people that you have only conversed with electronically before or just people that followed me electronically was easier due to the number of attendees.
    • As Jay Zallan said to me during the Gala Party, we were preaching to the preachers. I don't think that is a bad thing because it just raises the bar of where the teaching and discussions start.
    Thank you to the organizers for a top notch conference, the presenters who all provided great information and the attendees for pariticipating and encouragement. I can't wait to see you all next year!

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