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door not cutting wall

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    door not cutting wall

    revit 2015 r2
    renovation project
    I have a existing wall with some doors being infilled (in new const phase), then the wall continues as a new wall. I then want to place a door approx where the wall changes phase. The door won't cut both walls - if I place the door nearer the new wall, it gets cut, if I place it nearer the existing, that gets cut.
    I did a little test to show the behavior below:
    door issue - show all.pngdoor issue - show complete.png
    If I delete the door instead of demoing then behavior is "normal" (as expected).

    Generally, doors can't be installed (in real life) in an existing wall without some "extra demolition" beyond it's frame. So mimic that approach in Revit too. Split the wall a bit beyond where the door needs to go so you are demolishing some wall and then installing new wall, frame etc...
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      thanks Steve, that worked.
      Any idea what's going on "under the hood" that revit gets confused about cutting infill that was made in the same phase?

      Obviously, you wouldn't do this in real life - yank out a door, infill the hole, then cut and frame in a new door that overlaps half of the existing hole...but Revit doesn't know that (does it???)

      BTW variants of your door family in use here - thanks!


        Originally posted by jmuratore
        ...Any idea what's going on "under the hood"...
        No. Might be the percentage it is in one or the other. It might just be based on which wall hosted it first, similar to how there has to be a primary host for wall hosted components placed in Stacked Walls.


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