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    Hello All

    Just something i am trying to sort out and not sure which way i have to go about it.

    New energy requirements in Australia require that we now have to stat what lights we are using, and more importantly what wattage we are using, and then proceed to correlate this infomation in a schedule format, so i can quickly and easily determine if the house complies to current building energy requirements.

    the ability to show the wattage in the family creation is easy enough to do, but then reporting in a schedule format is proving difficult.

    like most things like this, its normally a fairly easy solution, but at the moment its escaping me.

    I also then want to add a field that will then allow me to calculate the wattage for the entire house being used then compare that to the house size and see if we comply ...

    Revit and more so BIM seems the ideal situation for such a thing, but its proving difficult to set it up correctly.

    Any suggestions?

    I do something similar to satisfy the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) here in the states. The image is of an Area schedule and key schedule I set up. If you did something similar and tally up the area column you would most likely show code compliance. After I set the Area Type which references the key schedule which is just duplicating the information in the Code Revit does all the work based off of what I have modeled. Refer to the attached schedule.

    In the past I have created a similar schedule for Revit Architecture based on Rooms. Getting the light output takes more work and a 2nd schedule to satisfy reporting of the modeled lighting design.
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      cheers mate, in the end that is almost exactly what i have ended up with.

      involved changing around some families and creating a new schedule, i had all my lighting/switching set up as electrical families as that was the best way previously to get an "electrical schedule" together and i couldnt work out a way to record the watts being used, but on playing around with it, using it as a a proper lighting family it allows you to control the watts of lights etc..

      we dont have to show every room, but just total wattage being used by the lights in and around the house, and then devide that by the total floor area of the residence. if its less than 5W per m² the house complies.

      just requires abit of further dicking around with families and the like and furthering their ability to record data, but once its done it should be fairly easy to stay on top of it.


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