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Jason Grant: HR and BIM at #RTCUSA Understanding the impact on your business

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    Jason Grant: HR and BIM at #RTCUSA Understanding the impact on your business

    After the first day at the Revit Technology Conference I was too involved with discussions (fun, deep and high level thought), attending great sessions and presenting on both day 2 and day 3 to keep up my blogging as I did on day 1. So I am following up with a few posts to wrap up the highlights from RTC.
    Basically every session I went to was UNBELIEVEABLE and if I did not mention your session I am sorry. Nobody disappointed. If you are ever looking for a conference that has advanced, honest and unique sessions then RTC is your place.
    HR and BIM was a unique session with a discussion topic that I had not really seen before. It was a forum disussion with audience participation. The forum panel was comprised of Melanie Tristan, Wesley Benn, Lee Miller and Phil Read. By the way, Melanie you did a great job moderating! Here are just a few great parts from this discussion:

    • Leaders of a firm need to understand that BIM execution needs more support than they had for their previous processes. With proper support comes better advancement and more benefits to BIM.
    • BIM means different things to different people but it can provide a new standard of care for your clients. If you do the same tasks faster and you are not reaching your fee then you need to raise the standard of care by providing new tasks for your employess. Think about how you could either have more time for design, performance testing or coordination. Don't just rush your drawings through.
    • How do you change the way someone has been working on projects for years and years? Inspiring employees to BIM greatness... public recognition of excelling in Revit with better computers or iPod touch incentives for innovative work, but not just salary. Salary is private and does not work to inspire others.
    • If your base economy is provided then people will choose meaning over money if they are passionate about what they do. If one had to decide between a job that gave them more meaning and one with slightly more money, they will usually pick meaning. Money cannot overcome the stresses of a job without meaning.
    • AEC is the only profession where the fabricators do not own the designers. Nike designs and then fabricates the shoe, Ikea designs and then fabricates the products and basically every element around us owns the fabrication and the design. When contractors figure out how to control the design, then the industry will be turned upside down.
    • Don't pigeon hole good Revit users... Find out what they are passionate about so that you don't loose them.
    • Don't loose out on the opportunity to have process of working in Revit allow us to teach how to build structures through effective mentoring. Having senior and junior experience together can be a powerful matchup.
    • Should Job Descriptions change based on BIM to include construction experience or mentoring?
    • Hardest position to hire is the good/experienced manager of the BIM process. Difficult to find because they usually want to be an architect, not a software manager.
    • Revit needs deliberateness. For a moment lets compare Revit to Excel: It is easy to make a simple Excel file by just filling out numbers in cells and maybe some basic summation. After filling out numerous spreadsheets worth of numbers you need to go back and make a change in the beginning that changes everything. Someone who utilized deliberateness within Excel would have strategized with formulas to effect change everywhere with almost no effort rather than manually changing every cell. Revit without deliberateness is just a dumb model and one will not be able to effect change quickly.

    So the session did not really capture these two basic questions that the discussion started with but who cares... the discussions were great. I could sit through a few hours of this and I could not believe time went by so quickly.
    1. How have your HR management practices and policies been impacted by BIM?
    2. How do you think you HR management practices should change to better align with BIM?

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