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Automated Animation from Revit

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    Automated Animation from Revit

    Does anyone know a way to automate an animation sequence in Inventor, Navis, 3ds or any other sortware based on the type and properties of a Revit family?

    For example, if I have a cast in place column in Revit, is there any way to automate a cooresponding animation sequence of: rebar cage being placed, formwork placed, concrete poured, then formwork stripped?

    Well, in Navisworks you can create selection sets based on element parameters. And you can create timeliner sequences based on those selection sets. In theory you can completely automate this workflow, but it does mean you have to have a tight way of modelling and naming stuff...
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      If its all modeled, you can do it in a number of scheduling programs. We use Synchro, which uses a DWF export of the model.
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