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Double Nested Family parameters

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    Double Nested Family parameters

    I'm trying to create an all-encompassing system of cabinet families where I have there layers of hierarchy:

    1. Door Type: Different profiles/trim types that cabinet doors can have.
    2. Door configurations: This imports the door type families and puts them in different kinds of configurations, ie single door, double door, drawer above door, 3 draws, etc. This family has a parameters for the door type that changes all the doors (between the families at level 1).
    3. Cabinet configurations: this is pretty much either base cabinets or floating cabinets. This loads the door configurations families. This family has a door configuration parameters that changes the door configuration.

    It all works well. The problem I'm having is that at the cabinet configurations level (#3), I can't change the door type. The typical button that allows you to apply a parameters to a family isn't there. This means that in order to change both the door types and configurations I would have to have multiple families of one configuration type for each door type I have. That is pretty undesirable.

    I hope I'm doing a decent job at explaining this. In the end I want a cabinet family that, when is placed in a project, I have one parameter for door type (ie, the visual appearance) and the door configuration.

    It's not clear to me exactly what you're trying to do but it sounds like an instance vs type parameter issue. If you could upload the family we could take a look. Or perhaps a diagram of what you're trying to achieve could work almost as well.
    Greg McDowell Jr


      Use instance parameters in each level of nested families, and link these to the top level parent family as either type or instance as needed. Use <family type> parameter to swap out your nested families in the project. Shared families only need to be loaded into the project not the host family, non shared families are more limiting (won't show separately in schedules etc.) and need to be loaded into host families. You shouldn't need to load door family into cabinet family into parent family. Load both door and cabinets at the same level into the parent which should be more intuitive to use.
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        "All in one" families suck to use, and suck even more to maintain. Shared Nested families are great, but i would reconsider having all door and drawer configs in one file. There is virtually no upside to that, and a ton of downsides.
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