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    Dynamo Learning Resources

    This post is intended to be a learning resource that simply links to external blogs/websites and Youtube channels on the subject of Dynamo.

    Note: As of release 1.0 Dynamo has moved to a New Versioning System intending to alleviate the need for Package Authors to continually update when a new version is released.

    Note: When following older tutorials, nodes will exist in different forms and/or names but should be relatively logical to search. Dynamo has undergone a an entire rebuild more than once in it's short lifetime. If ever in doubt simply ask on here or the Dynamobim forum.

    New Users: Learning Dynamo from the start can be daunting. It uses a lot of coding terminology that is hard to pick up for the first-time user. Luckily, the awesome guys at Mode Lab in collaboration with the Dynamo team have created a primer that is the best one-stop-shop for the new user:

    • - Forums containing very knowledgeable people on the subject of Dynamo. Dynamo developers frequent this forum.
    • Github - Github is where the development team are hosting all of the open source code for Dynamo

    • DynamoNodes - A website started by Luke Johnson (Bakery Package) that covers what nodes do, from the OOTB through to package authors and a few workflows. It's a very useful resource if you want to find out what a particular node does.

    • Autodesk University - Autodesk's annual convention with speakers. This link will send you directly to the 2015 talks about Dynamo. Please bear in mind that you can search content from the previous year or two by changing your dropdown search criteria.
    • The Simply Complex - Marcello Sgambelluri's blog about all things Revit/Dynamo. He frequents this forum too!
    • The Proving Grounds - A website from Case's Nathan Miller (Author of the Rhynamo and Lunchbox Dynamo nodes).
    • - Konrad Sobon's website about practical Dynamo workflows and Python development (Author of the Grimshaw and Archi-Lab nodes as well as Mantis Shrimp).
    • Enjoy Revit - HyunWoo Kim's website for Revit and Dynamo. He frequents this forum too!
    • SixtySecond Revit - John P's website (Author of the Rhythm Dynamo nodes) with 60 second tidbits on all things Revit and Dynamo
    • AEC, You and ME - Julien Benoit's blog, author of the Steam Nodes, with an RTC presentation and various thoughts on the Construction industry.
    • What Revit Wants - Luke Johnson's all things Revit blog including a comprehensive post on 15 Practical uses of Dynamo.
    • Revit Dynamite and Ammo - Jostein Olsen's Dynamo blog (Author of a few custom nodes) including some nifty tips and tricks, python code and his thoughts on the world of Dynamo.
    • Revit Beyond BIM - Dieter Vermeulen's blog with a focus on the structural engineering side of Dynamo.
    • EMADALQATTAN Parametric Modelling - Emal Al-Qattan's blog post about the modelling of the Yas Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
    • Dyno Browser - Alexey Lobanov's exceedingly powerful Dynamo browser addon for Revit. Features include organising and grouping of definitions, running without opening Dynamo itself and making presets for workplaces.
    • Utilising Dynamo 'Beyond' Computational Design - Andrea's Dieckmann's RTC Europe presentation.
    • Serial_NonStandard - Jason Andersen's detailed blog of Dynamo video tutorials.
    • Kylemorin - Kyle Morin's blog that covers both Dynamo and Revit.
    • RevitNamo - Johnes Hou, author of the Hot Gear nodes, blog of tips and tricks for both Revit and Dynamo.
    • Learning DynamoBIM - Bilal Ravat's blog on Learning Dynamo, starting from the basics.
    • MartinPortfolio - Kyle Martin's blog on all things Dynamo, including both fun tools and practical use cases.
    • Revit Experiments - Viktor Kuzev's blog about using Revit with our without Dynamo.
    • Punto Revit - di Paolo Emilio Serra's blog about all things Revit and Dynamo.
    • LandarchBIM - Lauren Schmidt's blog focusing on the Landscape side of Dynamo.
    • LearnDynamo - Jeremy Graham's website focusing upon practical office solutions for Revit based Dynamo use.
    • Data-Shapes - Mostafa El Ayoubi's (Author of the Data-Shapes package) website exploring batch processes and epic input pop-ups.
    • Aussie Bim Guru - Gavin Crump's (Author of the Crumple package) Youtube Channel where he discusses, in depth, all things AEC with a big focus on Dynamo.

    Dynamo Tutorials:

    • - A Facade Surface tutorial series by Andrzej Samsonowicz.
    • HyunWoo Kim's Channel - A notable collection of Revit and Dynamo resources.
    • Zach Kron's Channel - One of the Dynamo developers. Most of his content is with previous releases but it is an invaluable learning resource.
    • Håvard Vasshaug's Channel - More examples of what he's done than tutorials but totally inspiring. Has a structural bent.
    • Jeremy Roh's Channel - An in-depth collection of tutorials that use the his website for additional tutorial resources.
    • Konrad Sobon's Channel - The creator of Channel consists of in-depth tutorials with a particular focus on his own Python node development.
    • BIMtopia - The youtube channel of Glenn Katz from Stanford University. He has a structural Engineering focus and some very in-depth tutorial sessions on Dynamo.
    • SummitAEC - A youtube channel by Summit AEC on all things BIM that includes an interesting introduction webinar on Dynamo.
    • Dynamo - An overview of the DynamoBIM front page video by Autodesk Building Solutions.
    • Revit API and Dynamo - A youtube channel by Danny Bentley showcasing how to use the Revit API and Python in Dynamo.

    Twitter: A lot of people doing exciting things in the Dynamo world use Twitter to post their Dynamo thoughts and visuals.

    Below are a list of people worth following:

    • @DynamoBIM - Dynamo itself (Of course!)
    • @ZachKron - Zach Kron (Dynamo developer)
    • @marcellosgamb - Marcello Sgambelluri
    • @MattJezyk - Matt Jezyk (Dynamo Developer)
    • @ColinMcCrone - Colin McCrone (Author of Ampersand nodes)
    • @a_dieckmann - Andreas Dieckmann (Author of Clockwork nodes)
    • @arch_laboratory - Konrad Sobon (Author of Bumblebee, Archi-Lab and Grimshaw nodes)
    • @BigBadBIM - Eric Lewis
    • @archinate - Nathan Miller (Author of Lunchbox nodes)
    • @BIM4Struc - Dieter Vermeulen
    • @solamour - This is my own twitter feed. I post about Dynamo among other things - almost all Architecturally related. My node package is Atmos.
    • @vasshaug - Havard Vasshaug
    • @lukeyjohnson - Luke Johnson (Author of Bakery nodes)
    • @brianringley - Brian Ringley (Author of Wombat nodes)
    • @60secondrevit - John Pierson (Author of Ayuda and Rhythm nodes)
    • @Gytaco - Adam Sheather (Author of UI++ and Dynaworks)
    • @jbenoit44 - Julien Benoit (Author of Steam Nodes)
    • @brencass86 - Brendan Cassidy
    • @5devene - Dimitar Venkov (Author of Spring Nodes)
    • @tstngwtrs - Vikram Subbaiah (Author of Testing Waters)
    • @andrewheumann - Andrew Heumann
    • @KCMarchitect - Kyle Martin
    • @landarchBIM - Lauren Schmidt
    • @VCDwhiz - Cesar Escalante
    • @data_shapes - Mostafa El Ayoubi
    • @kulkul7536 - Kulkul

    Paid Courses: Courses where you pay to learn but cover topics in depth

    Books: Books on the topic of Dynamo

    is the Code Language used by Dynamo
    • Python Migration - This is a Wiki page on the Github talking about Python code migration between releases and how to start creation of Python Nodes.
    • MITOpenCourseWare - This is an Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python (Not Dynamo specific) from MIT under their edX platform. It goes over the basics of Python though to deeper concepts and covers common pitfalls when using the language.

    Other: is a few websites that will help you with your Dynamo exploration
    • Wolfram Mathworld - A preeminent mathematics resource that will help you understand mathematical concepts for use in formulaic Dynamo data control and manipulation.

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    Sol Amour

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    stickied! :thumbsup:
    Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

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      Luke's got a great post up today with links to 15 "Getting Started" examples.
      What Revit Wants: Get Started with these 15 Practical Uses of Dynamo with Revit
      Dave Plumb
      BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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        merciiiii :thumbsup:
        Ma chaine youtube
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          Good initiation of putting the resources together, BIMtopia has some great videos for Dynamo.

          BIMTopia Youtube Channnel


            Originally posted by mahisanu View Post
            Good initiation of putting the resources together, BIMtopia has some great videos for Dynamo.

            BIMTopia Youtube Channnel
            Thanks Mahisanu, i'll add that one to the list!

            Sol Amour

            Architectural Explorer, Digital warrior, Affectual adventurer and Curious Human Being
            Portfolio Website @ Cargo Collective


              Anyone know where I can find a simple reference guide to Design Script syntax? Not a long tutorial just a simple list of all the commands and what the correct syntax is.
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                Not that I've found as of yet Joseph. I've been collating a few examples from the forums if you would like me to ping you them over?

                Sol Amour

                Architectural Explorer, Digital warrior, Affectual adventurer and Curious Human Being
                Portfolio Website @ Cargo Collective


                  my lessons on youtube in Russian, but understand all


                    Originally posted by DaveP View Post
                    Luke's got a great post up today with links to 15 "Getting Started" examples.
                    What Revit Wants: Get Started with these 15 Practical Uses of Dynamo with Revit
                    Dave, if that is your blog post i have done a update to my automatic sheet creation script to dynamo 0.8.1.



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