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"I've lost Mark" user error has me stumped (RAC2011)

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    "I've lost Mark" user error has me stumped (RAC2011)

    ...and I quote :
    "I am having a problem in revit whereby when I move a door it loses its Mark. This seems to be solved by closing and re-opening revit but is obviously a huge problem as I don't always check a doors Mark prior to, and after, moving it. "
    The "turn it off and turn it on again" was my advice last week - but it's since reared it's ugly head again. There are no locks or pins. We're using the OOTB "Mark" field and have no shared parameters that should cause a conflict.

    So far it only affects doors... and to clarify, it doesn't so much as lose it's Mark, but reassigns the project-agreed formatted one to the "next in the chain" Revit one.... and oddly, no other instance properties are affected.

    We've done an audit, the model reports as fine.


    In addition, it doesn't happen when drag-moving or dimension-moving the doors - only when using the move tool.
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    hhmmm, could you provide the family to have a testrun? Never heard of this before... Could you check something:
    Select the door, go to Manage > ID's of selection. Write down the ID
    Now move and repeat. Is it the same ID?
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