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Jason Grant: BIG FAT NO FOR #AU2011

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    Jason Grant: BIG FAT NO FOR #AU2011

    Coming off a great few days at #RTCUSA , I have received an email saying sorry that your proposals for Autodesk University 2011 have not been accepted. My first thought was too bad for them but really I feel bad that I cannot share some of the great things I have been working on with all of you. Basically, I put all the chips on the table for the Revit Technology Conference. Unless I was selected as a primary speaker at AU, I would not be able to attend. I don't feel as though it will be too big a loss for me as the sessions, other than a few last year, had become very stagnate in my opinion. The same speakers, with multiple sessions, repeating topics for years in a forum that should be more innovative. If I were to do it again I would gladly give up attending Autodesk University for the ability to go to Revit Technology Conference.

    So, what are you missing out on?

    Revit for Presentations: Graphics that Pop!
    I just presented this for the first time at RTC and I was told by a few that it was their best session at RTC. I was going to develop it even further and share it with the AU crowd but the organizers for AU are going to force my hand to create the presentation virtually over the next few months so that you can gain access to it through my blog. The information in this session is too good not to share as it is the culmination of a few hundred hours of content development and research.
    Fuzzy Math Essentials for Revit Family Builders
    This session last year got great reviews at AU and Kelly Cone (Revit Futures), Phil Lazarus (BIM Troublemaker) and I were going to step it up even more this year to provide completely new examples, more explaination and a different direction with both a lecture and a followup lab.

    It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Families
    I also presented this session for the first time at RTC after I received a lot of interest from previous blog posts on the subject. I'll blog a little more about how these can give your users a lot of flexibility in content and maybe some of my research with performance testing as that is a hot topic.

    The selection process of sessions for Autodesk University is a mystery to most but the selection for Revit Technology Conference was very forth coming about how it was a double blind process with one group rating the speakers and another the sessions. AU also took away the public voting on sessions but who knows how that even played a part in the past. I think if AU took a similar approach to selection as RTC and maybe some new blood in the selection committee then the caliber of the sessions for AU may be raised. Until then, I have next year's RTC to look forward to and it is a shame that I cannot hang out with you at AU this year. Keep tuned to this channel for the Revit for Presentations session coming in the next few months to a computer near you.
    As I finished writing this, Kelly Cone just published a blog post about RTC where he had some very kind words about my presentations there. Thanks Kelly and keep the bar high as you did with the massing/curtainwall session. Sorry we could not rock the Fuzzy Math again at AU!
    Jason Grant pulled a one-two punch, first stunning the audience with a good jab in super families, where we learned there is good AND evil in the super families world; and then landed the uppercut for a TKO with the presentation graphics in Revit. Extra Kudos for being my favorite class and giving out the related content. Rock Star material here.

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