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Revit ST: Report to the Government Construction Clients Board on Building Information

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    Revit ST: Report to the Government Construction Clients Board on Building Information

    Building Information Modelling and Management BIM(M) is a managed approach to the collection and exploitation of information across a project. At its heart is a computer-generated model containing all graphical and tabular information about the design, construction and operation of the asset.

    The benefits of supply-chain integration in the construction sector are largely understood in terms of performance improvement, greater project ‘certainty’ and reduced risk. One of the key factors in achieving successful integration is the accuracy, effective flow and intelligent use of information which BIM(M) – by requiring interoperability of information – will encourage. In addition to design and build benefits, one of the main value-added applications of BIM(M) is in the post-construction phase, through the on-going management of assets for optimum value in space utilisation, running costs and energy/carbon reduction.

    In September 2009 Paul Morrell, The Government’s Chief Construction Advisor, presented a short paper to the board outlining an Industry working group, commissioned by BIS, to provide a report on the potential future use of BIM. The Government Construction Clients board adopted the working group and agreed to receive its final report.

    The final report was presented in March 2011 and provides Government Clients with a suggested roadmap and strategy to enable the progressive use of BIM on Government building programmes as well as providing a framework for procurement and delivery standards. The report also considers the training and support required to enable the industry to rise to the BIM challenge.

    The Government Construction Strategy was published by the Cabinet office on 31 May 2011. The report announced the Governments intention to require collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) on its projects by 2016.

    There are a number of Institutes, Industry groupings and standard setting organisations (see links) developing knowledge on the implementation of BIM practices. The Government clients group will engage with these groups and seek comment on its BIM implementation strategy as it progresses.

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    The BIM Working Party Strategy can be downloaded here

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