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    Detailing ???

    I am new to Revit. I have been using it the program for about 3 months. I haven't been game to do a job for a client yet. I feel comfortable to model from Cad or linked Revit files. The two commercial building I have been attempting have many stylies of steel connections.

    My question, is there Families available for things like Cleats, Splice Joints, nut and bolts, general purpose brackets, etc. or are these details still done in 2D.

    Thanks Anthony

    That's typically done in either a drafting view or a section and drawn as 2D detail components. You should be able to find a good deal of those items in the DETAIL COMPONENTS folder. Or maybe from Autodesk Seek.


      You sould take a look at those links given in That Post.

      There are probably some detail components that could help you.

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        the question you have to answer is: do I need those to be modeled? for QTO? for 3d details? for fun? if yes, you can make it with families. if not, detail with 2d components. or better, do both: do simple family with nested 2d detail elements. my 2 cts....
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          Thanks for your advice I will have a go at both options, it only my improving my experance after all.



            I for one model all required connections in 3D, I don't find it anymore time consuming than 2D, and in all honesty you know the connection will fit together in the real world - buildability.

            I have a number of blog posts below showing examples and explaining how / why I do this.

            I would generally model only 1 type of each connection in the structure, unless we were required to provide qunats for bolts, cleats, etc.





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