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(Some) Ducts missing in RCP

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    (Some) Ducts missing in RCP

    We have a project that is causing some issues with (linked) Mechanical duct visibility. As you can see, the fittings are visible, but the straight runs are not. See classroom B102 especially, on the left. With two Supply Diffusers, a 90 degree bend, a Balancing Damper, a size transition and an end cap, all floating in space. In 3D it is all there.

    One unusual situation is that the north part of the building (seen here) is at the lower 1ST FLOOR level, while the bulk of the building to the south is on the 2ND FLOOR level 4' higher. But the logical Sector Plans are East and West Classroom wings, plus two sectors to the south. So we have the main view based on 2ND FLOOR level, with four Dependent Views, and in the two Classroom Wing dependent views (West shown here) the whole thing has plan regions, to get the cut in the right place. I have tried Plan Regions based on 1ST FLOOR at 8' for the cut, as well as at 2ND FLOOR with a 4' cut. Neither is showing the ducts correctly. The settings here are the same as on the 3RD FLOOR, where everything works right. And as far as I can tell there is no problem at all with the MEP modeling, no workset issues, etc.

    Anyone have any suggestions on something to try?

    EDIT: Curious. If I set the Plan Region to use 2ND FLOOR, 4' & 11' for the various settings, no go. Make a copy of the view, and set the whole view to use 2ND FLOOR, 4' & 11' and all is good. Perhaps there is a bug such that Plan Region in RCP can move cut planes and such up, but not down?


    Click image for larger version

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    Pragmatic Praxis

    Gordon...I think it's issue of view template.You simply can check it by applying a view template of Mechanical. If the ducts are visible after applying a Mechanical view template then it means something worng with current View Template.


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