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Revit OpEd: Revit Technology Conference - USA 2011

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    Revit OpEd: Revit Technology Conference - USA 2011

    A bit more than two hundred and eighty people are about to begin their third day at the conference. I've neglected posting because I'm a slacker blogger lately! Fortunately others are not so slack. So this post is a listing of those who aren't (slack), to which I add...ditto! and Thanks!

    First, David Light (Mr. Reliable) has done a nice job of writing about his experience so far. He's also be a mad Twittererer and I'm sure those that couldn't attend and follow the hashtag #RTCUSA appreciate his "madness".

    Jason Grant also wrote about his experiences so far.

    Steve Bennett mentioned it on his blog.

    Chris Price (aka Mr. Spot) also wrote about the conference.

    Chris Heinerata (works for DIALOG) wrote about RTC too!

    Jay Zallan too! Post, Another Post

    Gregory Arkin also posted about the conference.

    Craig Barbieri has joined the RTC blogging adventure with his contributions. He took pictures of Jim Baldings collection of Revit distribution discs,

    A few from before the first public release.

    The folks who contribute to AUGI's blog, BLAUGI posted something too. AUGI has been very supportive of RTC and the conference is very grateful. RTC has always been supportive of AUGI too, a "mutual admiration society".

    It's no secret that I've been working to help bring RTC to the North America. The committee that I've been part of has worked very hard to make it real, and it is very gratifying to walk around and see that it IS real...a bit melancholy on the morning of Day Three that it is nearly over.

    There are conference photos at the Facebook page for RTC if you are interested. Jim Balding installed Revit 1.0 on the demo lounge computers. Quite cool to see that. It's an interesting "paradox" with that version running on a couple computers that have Wacom Cintiq's attached to them!

    The time here goes by so quickly! All for now, must prepare for our last day together here.

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