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Creating Pipework Routes

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    Creating Pipework Routes

    I am still trying to get used to working with Revit, finding it frustrating, seem to be going 2 steps forward 3 steps back.
    I appreciate all the help I have received here
    trying to create some plumbing but I always seem when creating pipework from sinks, plumbing fixtures, I always get the same message
    'No auto-route solution was found'
    any help. how best to deal with this situation, where am, I going wrong, I have tried various views, I still get same outcome.

    Yeah, get used to that one. Its the most common and annoying error message...
    Basically it means revit doesnt like what you just tried to do but it wont give you any more clues as to why it didnt work. Its frustrating but after a while you will find out what works reliably and quickly from practice.

    Check things like the height of the pipes/ducts, is there enough room to actually make a bend or connection. Use align to make sure pipes are actually in the same plane and not slightly rotated (Bends smaller than 5 degrees dont work for example). If the connection will require two bends or pipes at two different heights then draw it in two parts to make it easier for revit. Make sure you have good default fittings that work for all angles/sizes etc.

    Sometimes I dont actually use the Draw Pipe function and just copy and rotate pipe sections before joining everything with Trim, it can be faster that way. Try different ways of doing things, like Trim or Connect Into, to find the way that works best.

    You might also want to try drawing with Pipe Placeholders and then converting to pipe, they are much less sensitive to how you connect them and just tell you there is not enough space and connect anyway, instead of failing.
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      In addition to the comments above, if you are connecting to plumbing fixtures that have a horizontal connector, such as a water point or a waste pipe that penetrates a wall, make sure that your connector has "allow slope adjustments" ticked, otherwise you will not be able to connect with pipework on grade.

      If you get in the habit of modelling in plan and sectional views, things will be much easier. Also sometimes trimming the pipework will give you the no route error, but if you simple drag the end point of the pipe until it intersects with the other pipe you want it to connect, it will work.

      Also make sure if you're drawing pipe on grade and you're modelling branch pipework from the main run that you have your grade settings correct, if you are trying to draw your branch falling in the wrong direction you will see this error.

      Another good tip when drawing branches for pipes on grade, start with your pipe tool, click on the main to start the first part of your branch and then hit the spacebar, this will match the height/invert and size of the pipe to the pipe you first clicked on, this will eliminate any routing errors as well.


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