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Can't make footprint roof !!

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    Can't make footprint roof !!


    I have been trying to create a slightly complex roof, but keep getting the following error: Can't make footprint roof !!
    As a workaround, I created the complete roof in 5 separate roofs.
    Can anyone help me create this roof as one single piece. Revit file (ver. 2015) is attached.

    Also see attached the following roof sketches.
    roof1.png shows what I am trying to do.
    roof2.png shows the intended roof in 3d
    roof3.png shows the workaround (creating 5 roofs instead of one).

    Thanks so much.
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    Sorry you're not going to get that to work in one sketch. The coincident valleys are paradoxical. You can't slope the roof up and down and up and down in the same sketch. There is nothing wrong with using more than one roof to get things done by the way. The framers won't be building as "one" object either.

    From a design standpoint, the architects I've worked with would be doing their utmost to talk me out of those valleys too. They'd be suggesting the gable ends have different elevations at least.


      Thank so much.


        who says you cant make it out of one roof element??? I am also not saying that this is a good idea, the valleys meeting... but it can be done with one roof.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	one roof.PNG
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        -Alex Cunningham


          okay, to be fair that's not editing the sketch and using slope.

          I seem to forget about Shape Editing with traditional roof forms... ;(

          Show the roof pitches please...
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