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    Revit to Showcase

    I know this is a Revit forum and not a Showcase forum, but it seems there are no avenues to interact with other showcase users. So I'm taking a shot in the dark. I've downloaded a trial version. Exported a Revit model via fbx, imported to showcase. assigned a few materials. but when standing on the inside of a building I get reflections of the outside environment in reflective materials when I should only get reflections of interior geometry. Anybody else experience this? Is this a setting somewhere I'm missing?
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    Only been playing a little with Showcase, but I think that Showcase automatically removes everything behind the camera... at least that´s been my impression when fooling around with it.
    Klaus Munkholm
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      Where is your environment ending up in space? We have found that sometimes the environment sits right in the middle of the model and has to be scaled way down or way up to make it look right. Still haven't mastered this though.

      Since I've found another Showcase user, can I ask an unrelated question? Have you been able to get trees or plantings to come across into Showcase? We haven't had any luck with this.


        I wouldn't call myself a "user" but I'm happy to bounce ideas back and forth. I'm testing to show the money hoarders what can be done with it. As I think it can be helpful for many people to visualize spaces that we designers take for granted, and is much more helpful than a sill shot rendering.

        No RPC content. which is not surprising to me.

        My Environment is much bigger than my model. So no that's not the problem but I know what you mean. took me a while to get familiar with many of the setting for this program. I think I have about 3 8 hour days of playing with it so far. It's become my understanding from another user that ray tracing may be the only way to get the environment reflections not to show inside a space. bummer on that as ray tracing seems to be as time consuming as rendering a walkthrough in Revit. Would take me weeks of processing power.


          Thanks for the input. I would hate to have to spend that much time rendering again, that was one of the biggest attractions of the program.

          We are just starting to try Showcase out and have three teams playing with it on a trial basis. It sounds like we might have the higherups convinced but the trees and a material flickering problem are bugging us.

          Do you know of any Showcase forums out there?


            Just this one.... but not much activity there yet. In fact the so called blog on that site hasn't been updated since May 2010.

            I'm not seeing any flickering with what I'm doing. My worst problem is the hiccup every second or so in the output vids but I think that has more to do with codecs and settings than anything, I haven't played with different codecs, just the default Microsoft Video 1.

            What would be really helpful to me would be if when you make a flash output that a user could interact with triggers/behaviors and walk/fly as they please.

            Here are two vids I've made in my first experience with the software.


              Oh and the other thing I can't seem to figure out is how to hide the section planes so it can't be seen while in a video yet still have it actually cutting stuff.


                Thanks for the videos. We haven't done much with section planes yet. I'll have to try it out. Mostly our presentations have been fly arounds and walk throughs. I think ours are too big to upload and I think the bosses aren't ready to let me post them but if I get a chance I'll share them.

                We have thought of using Showcase as a walk around/interactive tool with clients but need to practice more to really be able to do that. We've been using Design Review to walk clients through models but obviously the graphics in Showcase are much better. As far as the material problems we've been having go, we've got our reseller asking Autodesk for help so maybe we'll get some insight.


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